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How Receiving is Just as Important as Giving

“The only gift I have to give, is the ability to receive. If giving is a gift, and it surely is, then my gift to you is to allow you to give to me. 
” ― Jarod Kintz, The Titanic would never have sunk if it were made out of a sink.     In this season of giving we… Read more →

Is Your Fear Sexy?

Fear is a daily occurrence in our lives but we spend so much time either trying to act like it isn’t there or stream rolling it over. I have spent so much time running from fear that I thought that I might need to make friends with her. But how in the hell do you do that? So, I decided… Read more →

How do I Cleanse/Detox?

There are about as many ways to do a cleanse as people on a New York street corner. My favorite is juice cleaning. The basic gist is that you drink only fresh juice and non-caffeinated drinks for a set period of time. I did my first one last year for about 2 days. It was supposed to be 3 days… Read more →

She called

She Called I got a call last night It was the Universe She said she wanted her talents back “I gave you talents to change the world And you hid them in shame. You achieved fortune and wealth without doing a damn thing. That was all me shining your light. And you took it without doing your part. Don’t you… Read more →