Seasons of Tarot

The Wild Unknown Tarot

(The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck)

Last December I fell in love with oracle cards which then lead to a hot and steamy affair with tarot cards.

I had never paid much attention to either one of them and then during a prolonged, mindless internet cruising fest I saw a set of oracle cards.  I was hooked. The art work was stunning. It was like small purse size art pieces. The cards and artwork alone can be used as meditation tools but often the cards come with a book that give some understanding or meaning to the cards. The cards, the artwork and book  act as a guidance tool. They can serve as a guide to a deeper connection to your divine. The card themselves hold no special power but they may help release your nature power.

I will confess that I initially chose the oracle cards because I was scared of the tarot cards. What I knew about tarot cards was not positive. Often when people think about tarot they think about the movie image of fortune-telling in some seedy backroom. Their history and use is so much more than this skewed image.

Tarot cards have a history that goes back to the fifteenth century where they were used as playing cards. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century the cards were discovered by some talented mystics who changed the use of the cards by connecting them to Egyptian mysteries, Hermetic philosophy, the Kabbalah and alchemy.

These mystics were on to something. Oracle and tarot cards can be used to access the unconscious mind. The place where the desires, feelings and knowing that you can’t even acknowledge reside. The cards help you to tap into this knowing. The cards help guide you to your deeper self. Tarot cards have images that are often associated with archetypes that we all know even if it is an unconscious knowing. As humans we have a tendency to project our unconscious beliefs onto the environment around us. Tarot card images allow us to project what we can’t express onto the cards. Then we can take the information that arises and use it in a practical way to guide our steps.

The tarot cards have become one of my favorite tools to tap into my divine knowing. I use them along with my mediation, yoga and prayer practice. But I want to learn more about tarot cards. I have a basic understanding of the cards but want a deeper relationship and understanding.

There are 78 cards in a tarot deck. The deck is divided into Major and Minor Arcana. The word arcana is the plural of arcanum which means “profound secret.”  Isn’t it cool to think that the tarot cards are a collection of the “secrets” that may help us connect deeply to the universe.  The Major Arcana has 22 cards that are numbered and named. They are the heart of the deck and speech to the major issues in our life. Traditional archetypes are what you see in these cards.

The other 56 cards are composed of the Minor Arcana and help guide our day-to-day drama and blessings. Minor Arcana cards are further divided into four suits: Swords, Pentacles, Cups and Wands. Each suit represent a different approach to life. Every day we combine all of these approaches as we navigate our life. The suits consist of ten numbered (Ace – ten) cards and four suits cards (king, queen, knight and page).

The suits have different characteristic associated with them such as energies, elements of the earth and seasons. Most of these characteristics are the same within different schools teaching. The season happens to be one that isn’t the same within these different teaching.  So, the following is what I have been taught and what makes logical sense to me.

Swords = Air = Autumn/Fall

Pentacles = Earth = Winter

Cups = Water  = Spring

Wands = Fire = Summer

In order to deeply learn the tarot I feel I need to spend time with each card. And what better way than to follow the seasons for a year. A Season of Tarot. The seasons allow me to spend three months with each suit of the Minor Arcana. The fall equinox is today so I will start with the suit of Swords. I will share one or two cards each week. Most weeks there will only be one card but some weeks I will have to double up since there are only twelve weeks in a season and fourteen cards in a suit. The posts will include the meaning of the card, associated characteristics, practical use and a little storytelling. You know the tarot cards are all about helping you tell your story.

Big Hugs and Warm Wishes,

Dr. Vickie

What is your favorite Swords card? What Season of Tarot do you love? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sacred Sampler



Having lows in our life is normal.

Great jewelry is always sacred. Couldn’t get enough of the fancy PowerCuff.

If you want to learn more about the Sacred Arts, why not make it Golden?

Real Deal Healers. Shamans. Priestesses. Alchemists. Energy Workers. How do you determine who is real or who isn’t?

Protection from Amethyst Angel Wings and fighting child trafficking. What more do you want?

Old news but confirms that you should always stand up for your values. Even if you lose money.

This is how patients have often made me feel.

Love this reading of Wislawa Szymborska’s (Literature Nobel Prize Winner) poem by Amanda Palmer

It will change when MEN give a DAMN!



The Body Knows

(Illustration by Shilo Shiv Suleman)

I have been posting about detoxing since 2012. I still believe there are times that the body needs breaks from foods, toxins and information stressors. But I must apologize for the misinformation I have given on the topic.  I now feel like we have been going about it all wrong. Most detox programs have strict, inflexible guidelines of what you can eat, drink, and poop. But the body knows better.


Where I think we get it wrong is that our body needs the same strict detox each time it needs a break. We take our body’s intuitive knowledge out of the equation. We think that somebody else’s rules are better than what our body can tell us. Sometimes the body need food that will let the brain flourish and the next time it needs food to repair the gut. Only our body can tell us which food it needs. Those headaches, stomach ache or joint pains you get are the body’s way of telling you that your life is out of balance. That it needs you to slow down and listen to the cravings or subtle wishes it is trying to tell you.


What I forgot in the process of healing my body, increasing my energy and upgrading my brain was to listen to my body. My body was created with innate systems to keep itself in balance. It will tell me when to eliminate a food, beauty product, television show or friend. Yes, it takes more work and consistent practice to hear what our bodies are telling us. It takes spending quiet time with our bodies. It takes taking an extra breath before we respond when we are angry. It takes saying sorry to our bodies for all the times we have ignored its subtle moans and groans. It takes letting go of overnight or 21 day programs that claim to change our bad habits for life. We have to listen. We have to slow down and let the whispers become roars that we can hear no matter what the latest expert says.


It took me participating in an intimate program called Feast, that was created and facilitated by the outstanding coach Rachel W. Cole, to remember this fact. Feast didn’t start with a focus on the food like most programs that deal with food. It began with focusing on self-compassion. Self-compassion is so important when things don’t go the way you thought or you don’t loss the weight you want.  The other important factor was that Feast didn’t deal with weight loss at all. This was not a weight loss program but a body acceptance and awareness program. I learned to tune into the body and the body will let you know if it needs to lose weight. It may not need to lose weight and you have to trust that the body knows best.


I have to admit that I’m still struggling and working with this new approach to my body. It is so much easier to just follow some rules. It’s hard to have every food as an option to eat and have to listen to what feels good in my body and makes my body feel good.


Start listening and the answers will come.

Sacred Sampler

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New Moon + Eclipse + Spring Equinox

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