Sacred Sampler



Having lows in our life is normal.

Great jewelry is always sacred. Couldn’t get enough of the fancy PowerCuff.

If you want to learn more about the Sacred Arts, why not make it Golden?

Real Deal Healers. Shamans. Priestesses. Alchemists. Energy Workers. How do you determine who is real or who isn’t?

Protection from Amethyst Angel Wings and fighting child trafficking. What more do you want?

Old news but confirms that you should always stand up for your values. Even if you lose money.

This is how patients have often made me feel.

Love this reading of Wislawa Szymborska’s (Literature Nobel Prize Winner) poem by Amanda Palmer

It will change when MEN give a DAMN!



The Body Knows

(Illustration by Shilo Shiv Suleman) I have been posting about detoxing since 2012. I still believe there are times that the body needs breaks from foods, toxins and information stressors. But I must apologize for the misinformation I have given on the topic.  I now feel like we have been going about it all wrong. Most detox programs have strict,… Read more →

Sacred Sampler

(Chapel by Antoine Young)   I believe the small ways we find pleasure should be thought of as Sacred. These list are a small sample of the unexpected sacredness I find while roaming.   I want all of their jewelry. But this ring is definitely a favorite. Who needs wine after work? And great swag is always needed. Soul Tailsman.… Read more →

New Moon + Eclipse + Spring Equinox

Life is all about energy. It’s about cycles and ebbs and flow.  The current astrological energy is powerful. It is arguably one of the most powerful weeks in 2015. It is a pivot point, a time of choosing new options + releasing old habits. New moon are usually all about new beginnings. This new moon is a total solar eclipse.… Read more →

Choose Wisely

  I decided to participate in the 100 days project to fortify my discipline to writing. The 100 days project is simple. Choose 1 creative exercise a day and then repeat it for a 100 days. So, I plan to write every day for at least 30 minutes and post an excerpt. The above excerpt is from Day 2.  I… Read more →